We Make a Difference

At Sunny Day Child Care, not only do we provide quality care and a dynamic education for your child, we also work for various human rights and environmental causes.  We believe that educating the whole child also means teaching about making our world a better place for all.  Here are some of our past/ongoing efforts:

1. Pennies for Peace: We donated $80 to this cause!
2. Change for Haiti (through Poolesville Elementary)
3. Shoes for Haiti (through Tuscarora High)
4. Rescue the Rainforest: We've "saved" the equivalent of 633 square feet of rainforest!
5. We've planted 37 trees in two years
6. We follow the National Wildlife Federation's guidelines for schoolyard habitats
7. We compost kitchen waste and recycle glass, plastic, and metal.
8. We completed Allegheny Power's energy efficiency audit, and adjusted our energy conservation habits accordingly.
9. All our cups and water bottles are BPA-free plastic.
10. We are certified Eco-Healthy: www.ecohealthychildcare.org/